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Friday, February 01, 2008

Ward no. 2106 - SERIES 07

Disclaimer - The story is a work of fiction. The names of characters and places are imaginary. So are the incidents described.

The story till now: James is extremely worried about Kanika. He remembers how she has reacted to situations in the past and breaks down. Parvati aaji comes near him to console him.

It was a bright Sunday morning. In the ward, however, every morning is a Sunday morning. Because in this ward are people who have come to recover. Essentially from physical ailments while many end up recovering from the disappointment and frustration that life brought to them.

Kanika was looking into James' eyes as he fed her spoon-by-spoon from a bowl of corn flakes. Occasionally, a drop of milk would spill and move down her lips. James would wipe it with a tissue he was carrying. Kanika was bedridden - for she was weak and had a ligament breakage. She had another breakage - being broken off from the world. Her questions to James only consisted of enquiries about his colleagues. She had practically no life for herself except the small advertising agency she owned. She was never friends with anyone - and would go to parties and stand in a corner.

That afternoon, Rahul, the young boy was given a discharge from the hospital. Before leaving, he made it a point to touch Parvati Aaji's feet. Kanika saw that and rolled her eyebrows with sarcasm.

As Rahul moved out of the ward, Dr. Umesh said to James, "I have a good news for you too." James had a question mark on his face.

Dr. Umesh said, "Miss. Mukherji's blood test report has been received. Her alcohol and other drug level results are within permissible limits. We have forwarded the report to the police. She is safe now!!"

James couldn't believe his ears. He sat down on his chair and was smiling to himself. Kanika hugged him. She had tears in her eyes. Dr. Umesh patted him on the back and left the ward.

Dr. Umesh had now only two patients to attend - Parvati Aaji and Kanika. He would spend all day inside the ward - instead of his cabin. James, Umesh and Parvati Aaji would go on chatting for hours.

Parvati Aaji would tell them stories of Krishna - Umesh and James were too old for all that but still loved them. James would often express his concern for Kanika and it was Dr. Umesh who would console him.

It was a common sight now with Parvati Aaji sitting at the window with one of her photo albums, James sitting opposite her and Dr. Umesh standing facing the two of them. As the twilight set in, the three shadows that fell on the floor would grow taller.

One such day, Parvati Aaji said to James, "James, do you know where Kanika's parents live?" Kanika was sleeping then. If she were awake, she would have surely gone angry. Actually, Kanika always paid attention to what the three were saying though she never participated.

"Yes, I have their phone number."

"Call them. Call them here..."

"She would not like it. They would hate me calling them as well..."

"James, look at her.", Parvati aaji pointed at Kanika. "For the last one week, I have seen this girl lying on the bed. Her eyes have gone deep, when she eats food she shivers. Do you know what she needs. She needs her parents. I am a mother myself and I know how much my son cares for me and loves me. Kanika needs her parents too."

"Aaji... but you know, there's a long story behind that...", James argued.

"James, we all have had long stories. Everyone who's alive has a past. But past is past. To help her recovery, you need to help her mental recovery as well. And there is nothing other than the people therapy that will work for her now," Dr. Umesh tried to convince James.

James said, "But.. What if I call them and she is not kind to them?"

Aaji said, "Take the first step atleast. See what happens. If it goes well, you will give her the best gift ever, trust me!!"

James was silent.

Parvati Aaji said softly and clearly, "Call her parents today. Maybe she wouldn't talk to them. But you tell them about her. And I want to talk to them. I want to tell them what a gem of a guy their daughter has found!"

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  1. You have really great writing skills, keep this passion for writing alive and keep writing great stuff like this :)