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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Piracy in Bollywood

I remember Karan Johar speaking at an awards function. He stressed on the growing piracy in Bollywood. Well, my addition to it is, piracy is not a new concept for Bollywood.

Now that we get videos of films a day before they are releaased on the roadside has become a matter of concern for the filmmakers. That's termed 'video piracy'.

But the filmmakers have forgotten the piracy of intellectual property that has been going on for generations under the name of 'creative liberty'. We have umpteen number of films in Hindi based on original English movies. And these new filmmakers have not even bothered to acknowledge the original ones.

The name 'Bollywood' itself is lifted from Hollywood, isn't it?! What piracy is Monsieur Johar talking about then? The piracy of Hollywood ideas that he has used in his own films? Or the emulation of the western world in the form of NRIs in every film of his?

What are the filmmakers going to do to stop this piracy?

1 comment:

  1. I think its more of a question of race against time since every producer,director actor wants to get embossed his name in bollywood and our "desi pirated" oscar awards.........
    Which makes me wonder why aamir khaan is so creative than the stupid actor of OSO ;)