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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Window to the Future

Man has been curious - about stars, about life beyond earth, about life after death, about interiors of the earth, about caves and glaciers. Man has wanted to know what he doesn't. And arguably the most common of them all is knowing about one's future.

We have fortune tellers that carry parrots in cages and the parrot picks a card for you. We have analysts who study for years together, the planetary motion and their influence on lives of people. There are tarot card readers who silently answer vital questions.

Look at a person's expression when he/she has his hand held by a fortune-teller. Irrespective of how good-looking the fortune-teller is, the person has excitement on his face. And the questions on one's mind range from examination results to family pressure. Or even something crazier.

These forms of study provide a window to the future. The future that we all want to step in - only if it is going to be pleasant. But the need for having a window to the future stems from one's dissatisfaction from the present.

When the room gets dark, you want a window made to the room. But one must remember that a window in the direction of a noisy place will add to noise inside the room.

Wrong windows used to get to know about the future will only cause harm to oneself.

The right ones will bring in light, breeze. And the room of the present will light up into something brighter!

1 comment:

  1. Future looks good only when the window which opens to it brings in Light...!!!

    Well..but to say.....
    Past is lost Yesterday....

    Future will come tomorrow....

    But PRESENT is the only GIFT we have today.....
    So it's better to use it in the right direction and make it a powerful weapon to be used in the future....!!!