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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sublime and subliminal

When I see the forests, I see the green trees as old as centuries. The veins that twirl around them and rest firmly against their trunk. I see the shrubs that cover the earth - the very place they have grown from.
When I see sprawling beaches, I see the grains of sand changing places every single moment. I see water splashing against the sand - perhaps acknowledging the way the sand has been persistently adjusting to the change. And I see the water going warm as the sun enters it deep.
I see a flight of birds flying in a distinct V. I see animals of different shape, sizes and colours all over the place.
The human race is a small part of this enormous entity that we call 'nature'. And while we try our best to 'control' the world, we as humans fail to understand that there is something that is above us.
Maybe this 'something' is not what created us..
Maybe this 'something' is not what controls us..
This 'something' is for sure something that has been keeping the forces of nature going. Centuries after centuries, certain things on the earth remain the same - while some things change.
This something could be God. This something could be the Law of nature.
But this something if, for sure, something very subliminal. Something that has existed for eternity and something that is so supreme that we cannot even be in awe of it.
What is this something? Intangible? Sublime? Subliminal?


  1. When I close my eyes, try to feel the sublimeness of nature, really complicated and complex.......

  2. yes aadu,

    what we humans fail to understand is that if we are bestowed with the ability to think and innovate. we also have got an ability to feel and empathise like no other animal. but we tenmd to take the escapist route and shy away from our responsibility of guarding nature or for that matter simply stay put where we are without doing anything.

    its definitely not gods intent that we are slaughter animals, axe trees, breed to our extinction.. and blame it on nature or scriptures which read 'jeev jeevasya jeevanam'...

    its not abt being vegetarian, vegan or a naturalist... but about values and options to pain, cruelty and greed.