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Friday, February 01, 2008

Colours of India - Gujaratis

Gujarat may be located in the north west region of India - Gujaratis are all over the place. All over the world. Typically identified by their thin, silky hair - which I like to call doggie hair, spotting a Gujarati guy in a crowd is easy. Look for the maximum bling. The person wearing all that is - bingo, your Gujju friend!

I know Gujaratis - because I study in a Gujarati college. In my opinion, Gujaratis are unique in many ways. Here's a testimony to their uniqueness.

Dressing: I mention this first - because it makes Gujaratis Gujaratis! My monitor has 1024 pixels per inch. A gujarati guy's shirt has ten colours per square inch. Their tastes in dressing are flamboyant. The typical way of dressing also includes draping the pallu of a saree on the right shoulder.

Language: Gujaratis are often criticised for the 'eksent'. But I feel it's balderdash! I know Gujaratis who speak fluent, neutral English! But yes, there are many others who add the flavour of Gujarati language to any other language they speak. And then we have eternally hilarious jokes like 'Let us go to the cane-teen and eat snakes' for 'Let us go to the canteen and eat snacks'.
On a serious note, Gujarati theatre is among the very few live forms of theatre that is doing well today.

Food: Gujaratis add their flamboyance to their food. Gujarati food is essentially lavish. It is heavy. It is Gujaratis that have given the country the beloved 'Farsan'. Apart from that, we all have relished undhiyu, khaakra - aah just remembered, a friend owes me a treat in Hotel Rajdhani, a Gujarati thali restaurant. If you are reading, kindly take note! (ughh, I am cheap!!) I also know a friend whose tiffin daily comprises of five - six smaller tiffin boxes.

Personality traits: Gujaratis are the businessmen. They have all the essential qualities of a businessman.

To begin with, when you enter a Gujarati man's shop, he stands up, smiles and wishes you - in your language! A gujarati guy butters you up when required and would take back all the butter he has ever given you if need be!

Sadly, the biggest jholars - the biggest frauds of the country have been done by Gujarati people - Harshad Mehta to begin with. But on the other hand, some of the country's biggest entrepreneurs are Gujaratis as well!

Famous celebs: The first name that comes to mind is Dhirubhai Ambani. Apart from that, we have a lot of actors like Satish Shah, politicians like Praful Patel who make Gujaratis proud.

Disclaimer: This article has gone a bit overboard. But yes, it is surely out of the love I have for Gujaratis!! Some of my best friends from school and college have been Gujaratis. Dedicated to Bhaumik Oza and Mihir Kachalia, friends at college and Swati Ghiya, a friend from school - all of them, really affable gujjus!!


  1. G U J J U - kal ho na ho! Remember?

  2. Thank You Aadi....:):)

    It's truly a pleasure to read this wonderful and indeed colourful series of 'Colours Of India.'

    Keep it going...!!!

  3. hey aadi surely wil giv u treat in rajdhani n ders nuthin cheap abt it yaar we know ur suave sophisticated (gun sounds)!!!
    Mera placement karvade yaar!

  4. U dint talk abt gujrati girls..??????