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Monday, February 04, 2008

The French Tongue

I learned French back in 2003, precisely for two years. It is an interesting language - ''chez moi'' being my favourite line from the language. "Chez moi" consists of ''moi'' that means me and ''chez moi" means ''at my place''.

This is a weakness of the English language too. There is no single word that helps us say that. Marathi and Hindi, in this respect are stronger. Marathi has 'Maajhyaakade' and Hindi has 'Mere yahaan'.

But as time passed, French language began betraying me. Often, I would ask 'What is your name?' in place of 'How are you' - the two lines sound close in French.

And then, I would blame it on slip of the tongue - the slip of the French tongue!! (pun intended.)

I still love the French tongue... and I plan to regain it after a few months.

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