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Thursday, February 28, 2008


The car breaks down in the middle of the highway - we blame it on destiny. The examination results do not come out well - we say it was just not in your destiny.

A broken friendship, brooding hearts, failure - we all attribute this to destiny. The destiny that we think lies with the eternal entity superior to us mortals. The entity that we call God.

Destiny is what you carry in your closed fists - the lines on your palm. Destiny is what you show the world on your forehead. Destiny is the stains on the tea cup that you leave back. Destiny is the symbol on the tarot card when you pull one out from a stack. Destiny is the position of the planets the moment you were born.

Man, in the pursuit of destiny, forgets that the destiny lies within him. Blinded by the faith in the external superior entity, man forgets that a part of that entity resides within him as well.

I raise my eyebrows and the lines on my forehead change in a moment.

Imagine what would happen if I used the energy of this superior entity within me...

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