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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Touch wood

I make faces, I hug my mom. I sleep late. I yawn loudly. I feel upset when a friend is in trouble. I love toilet humour.

I miss my school days and often go through the pictures. I help mom with cooking and cleaning. I love to go shopping for clothes. I love dining out. I make faces - twitch my eyebrows, twist my neck.

I am vague when I write, I am polite when I speak. I am warm when I smile. I am confident when I walk. I am calm when I sleep. I am focussed when I read.

The world believes pretence and manners are synonyms. I have broken this rule long back. I am rude, insensitive. But real.

What you see is what I am. I am the me within me. And thank god I am like this! Touch wood!!


  1. agreed adi,

    pretence and manners are not synonyms.

    love the way you put it!

  2. you should read my description. i call myself 'aham' the me in me.