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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Combinations

"Aadi.. will a brown tie look good on my grey shirt?"
"Should I wear danglers or should I wear earrings?"
"Aadi... this blazer doesn't look gaudy right?"
These 'days' are the only times when engineering students take suggestions about colour and dressing combinations. For people who allegedly wear any shirt with any pant throughout the year get fashion-conscious on these 'days' at college. And these 'days' can be anything from the common 'traditional day' to 'mix n match day'. (I know of a friend who wore a shirt, a cowboy hat, a tie and a lungi for this one)
And when one has 'tie/sari day' at college - that's like an ocassion of the year. The chicks go on a shopping spree and end up burning a big hole in their dads' pockets. The guys turn metrosexual all of a sudden and want to try all sorts of tings they have seen in movies. For engineering guys, it's mostly the English movies that serve as a source of inspiration (I am an exception there.)
And it's not just about the dressing combinations - photographs are clicked in multiple combinations. With different number of friends, at different places, with different expressions on their faces.

These photographs are the melting pot of these people- combinations of people, cultures, colours, social background, preferences, choices, passions. All under the same roof. All in the same edges of the lens of the camera.

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