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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ward no. 2106 - SERIES 08

Disclaimer - The story is a work of fiction. The names of characters and places are imaginary. So are the incidents described.

The story till now: Kanika's alcohol and drug reports say that she was not responsible for the accident. James is relieved. Then, Parvati Aaji asks him to call Kanika's parents. With much persuasion, he agrees.

"Hello.. Am I speaking to Mr. Mukherji", it was James talking on the phone, "Hello Mr. Mukherji. I am James Smith speaking.... uhh, yes... Sir, I actually called you for a specific reason.... Kanika met with an accident... no, she's fine now... I am... I am taking care of her."

"Yes, the address is K K Damle Hospital...." and James gave Kanika's dad the address and hung up.

James was feeling lighter. He looked at Parvati Aaji. She was sitting on her bed and was cutting her nails. She smiled. "See, it was so simple! It was just one step away!!"

Kanika looked at Parvati Aaji and spoke. The first few seconds, Parvati Aaji did not realize Kanika was talking to her - she had never done that.

"Why don't you leave us alone?", Kanika asked, "The problems I have are my problems. I would not like to discuss them with you. Don't misdirect James just because you have a lot of time to waste!" Kanika's eyes grew bigger as she spoke.

Parvati Aaji smiled. She had a tranquil expression on her face. Kanika glared at her harder. Parvati aaji spoke, "Kanika, the fact is you are sitting opposite me on this bed in this ward. I am a part of your life for some time now, accept this or not. We care for our neighbours and you are my neighbour in the word!"

James smiled. He always knew Parvati aaji was smart with questions - he had just got an experience of that.

That evening when Dr. Umesh arrived, James happily told him that he had spoken to Kanika's dad. Dr. Umesh was certainly happy. But something seemed to be bothering him.

Later that day, he told Parvati Aaji and James, "I might be shifted to some other ward."

"Huh.. why?, Parvati Aaji asked.

"Some issues...", Dr. Umesh could not look into their eyes when he said that.

"What's wrong, Umesh?", James asked him.

"No, nothing.. just some issues.. mostly, I'll be shifted to the other ward this weekend.", Dr. Umesh was certainly not happy about it.

"Oh, come on.. that's ok. That's a part of life!! We will still come and meet you, what say, James?", Parvati Aaji cheered him up.

The next evening, Dr. Umesh was not in the ward. James was out. Kanika was sleeping. Parvati Aaji was on her bed reading a religious book. The nurse entered. She had a pack of medicines in her hand.

"Parvati aaji.. I am not going to be working tonight. Can you take these medicines tonight?", she asked.

Parvati aaji said, "Oh ya sure.. just explain me the dosage."

The nurse did that.

Parvati aaji looked at the medicine strip. Turned it around. And asked, "What are these medicines? Vitamin B complex tablets. What are they for?"

The nurse fumbled. Someone called out to her. "Excuse me... I am Shivprasad Mukherji". The nurse looked back.

A man in his late fifties stood there. He had a travelling bag in his hand. His hair were grey and he had a concern on his face.

The nurse said, "Oh, you are Miss. Mukherji's father. Please wait, I'll get the visitor's book for you. You will have to sign there."

Mr. Mukherji was looking at his daughter. His face froze as he saw her lying on her bed. Apparently, he had not seen her since long.

Parvati Aaji was looking at him. Mr. Mukherji caught her looking.

Parvati Aaji said joining her hands, the way she had to James, "Namaskar. I am Parvati Damle. Nice to meet you. Kanika is a sweet girl and was quite happy when James called you."

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