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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Red Fort in my eyes

It was dark but the night had just set in. It was a crowded street - autorickshaws, cars, cycles and bikes all over the place. The sky was not clearly visible - what obstructed the view was a network of haphazardly arranged wires.
It was not 'traffic' on the road - it was 'chaos'. As me, Siddharth and Bhaumik crossed the road, I saw a brown structure before my eyes.
I felt something in my gut. It was not a familiar feeling. I experienced an unusual heavy feeling in my stomach.
I turned my eyes away from the Red Fort. I was feeling better.
Then Bhaumik asked me to click his snap against the Red Fort. My hands were shaking as I did that...

I could not look at the Red fort. The Red Fort was glaring back at me...

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