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Friday, June 06, 2008

10 ka dum.. what?!

Salman Khan's new show is such a such a letdown... Cheap jokes!! Cheap Questions!!

'Parental advisory' will now be replaced by 'We advise children to keep a watch on their parents!".. It's that cheap!!

How can one expect questions like "How many men sleep on their wedding night?" And the lady replying in the affirmative for the question, "Did your husband too?"

Outright embarassing to watch with one's family. And the format is so unintelligent and so gamble-like. It's almost like a sattaa baazaar with glam n glitz and this one person called Salman Khan who says "dus hazaar rupon ke liye" for "rupayon" and makes the faces of a constipated pregnant lady.

10 ka dum has no dum. And I won't be surprised if Salman Khan cracks a joke as cheap n cheesy as 'Dum.... Kon dum?"


  1. salman,

    can you believe it, he asked in his show, "kitne aadmi, bejhijhak, hawaa chodthe hai" i mean, "how many men fart without hesitation"... and after the question he also made some fart noises... and gave us the distinguishing factors between noisy farts and smelly farts,,


    what better word to describe the assole.