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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two night-lamps

The two night-lamps kept talking to each other. One would light up, stay that way for a couple of minutes and then go off. The second one would follow the regime. They were blinking alternately. For over two hours - as if they were sharing the sweet nothings of two lovers...


He turned the night-lamp on.

"Put it off! I want to sleep!", she said rather scornfully.

"This one's on my side. Let me decide..." he would say. Some time later, he himself put it off.

She switched on the night-lamp on her side of the bed now. Got up to fetch herself water from the kitchen. While she was inside, he shouted, "Now, Why the hell have you kept the lamp on??"

"My wish!! Isn't this one supposed to be on my side?"

They were fighting - alternately turning the lamps on and off.

But both of them knew how superficial these arguments were. And that these arguments were just the tiny little things that only spiced up the love between them. And how much they loved to fight - and yet loved each other.

They were talking to each other rudely. With words. And rather subtly. Through the night-lamps.

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  1. how much u think dude ???

    nice post, ek movie ka scene jaisa lagta he, kuch nahi meri next movie me ye scene add kar dooga