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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Death and Hourglass

The grains in the upper half of the hourglass are in a state of fear. They are scared that they would have to pass through the hole one day. They do not know what awaits them on the other side. They feel weak as they begin to fall under their own weight. And one day, they slip through the hole to the other side.It is now that the grains realize that they are stable. On the lower half of the hourglass, lies sanctity and stability what they always wanted.


As we approach this aperture called death, fear consumes us. We spend all our life thinking about it.

It's only after we pass the hole that we realize how peaceful and calm things are on the other side...


  1. nice one dude... amazingly written

  2. to even want to write something on this subject is commendable... shows the evolved thoughts...

    and the capability of compressing something as VAST as death in a few lines is certainly to die for...