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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A one Rupee coin

A one- Rupee coin is born with many others. It is passed from one hand to another.

From a rich businessman's hand, it rests on the bruised palm of a young worker after he polishes the shoe of the former.

It sees every possible place of the country.

On the road before a beggar. In the pocket of a college student.

From the torn purses of vegetable vendors to the cash compartments of the billing counter at a posh mall.

From the misers to the donors.

From the donation boxes at temples to the cash-box of a cigarette vendor.

It is thrown, it is flipped. It is passed a hundred times. It is arranged in clusters. It is packed in tiny bags in numbers of hundred.

No one sees the country's cultural, social and economic diversity to the extent this rupee coin does.

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