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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jaane tu ya jaane na - Music Review

A. R. Rahman does it yet again. Let me tell you when each of the songs in this album could be played....

Pappu can't dance saala :

'Saala' is not a decent word. I thought of changing the spelling, changing it to 'saaala' or maybe '$aala' or something words get censored by browsers. But I didn't. Simply because once something gets censored, the curiousity increases multiple times!! My friends who ogle at Mallika Sherawat would agree.

The song is sure to rock the college fests throughout the country. It looks like a pepped-up version of 'Papa kehte hain..'. In fact, there's a stanza with the same words as the superhit song.... Aamir Khan trying to portray his nephew as himself?

Kabhi kabhi Aditi :

Dude!!! This IS the song I would sing to my girlfriend to woo her. Most definitely not my voice but the youthfulness of the song will get my feelings across!

Jaane tu meri (and mera.. the female version) kya hai :

Aah, the first heartbreak song. It speaks about relationships that do not have a name - and when we try to name them, we end up in confusion and more often than not, mess up the relationship.

The best part of the song is that it is not the typical sad song at all. That's certainly my way of being sad...

Kahin toh hogi woh :

A perfect song for a romantic date. On the beachside. Under the stars. Sigh... It's after listening to songs like these that one hates the 'single' tag.

Tu bole main bolu:

A R Rahman lends the vocals for this one - ofcourse flawless. The saxophone piece is lovelily mesmerizing. :-D

Nazarein milaana :

The song has the feel of going out with a group of friends when two of them have just fallen in love. And the pleasant feeling gets transferred to all of them - and all of them are feeling happy about the love that has grown.

The songs are all very appealing, very fresh, very A R Rahman.

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