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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Taare TV par...

With Shahrukh Khan looking suave but hamming big-time in 'Paanchvi paas' and Suneil Shetty looking like fresh Saguna Chicken in 'Biggest Looser jeetega', the filmstars have come down (down?... a matter of debate) on TV. But this is not really the beginning of the trend...

Amitabh Bachhan played the perfect host in Kaun Banega Crorepati - Govinda also did a decent job in the very forgettable 'Jeeto Chhappar Phaadke'.

Not many would remember Manisha Koirala hosting 'Sawal Dus Crore ka'. As a matter of fact, not many would remember Manisha Koirala anyways. **lol** Madhuri Dixit's whatever it was, looked so horribly rehearsed and fake. She just could not get it right...

Except Amitabh Bachhan, no one has got it right. What attracts the film-stars to the TV screen? Fat money, more exposure and.... another attempt at one-upmanship they all love to indulge in!!

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