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Friday, June 13, 2008


Balloons have the inherent quality of being colourful, light and carefree. Have you seen the ones in the hands of a balloon seller - grouped together like a cluster of fresh daisies calling out to you? Have you seen a balloon going high up in the air until it becomes a mere red speck on the canvas of the cloudy sky?

Balloons epitomize the energy of childhood, the freedom of youth. It is the trophy of a child when his father gets him one. It is the heart-shaped gift of a youngster to his newly-found love.

Balloons look like coloured bubbles of water, balloons look like birds without wings. Balloons know the limits of the sky...

Balloons are not just filled with air. They are filled with limitless amount of joy.


  1. Aadi, just too good yaar,

    nicely woven thoughts... I think many of your posts are like this, on some random observation or any random thing, you nicely cover good - bad points of them and put it in a well organized way, nice job dude.

    keep it up !!!

  2. You are simply awesome! Any plans to write a book? Or have you written one already?