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Friday, June 06, 2008


Disclaimer - I've taken the picture that you see here.

Clouds have no form, no shape. In fact, what they carry in them is tonnes of steam. They move slowly the way wind takes them - and when the wind orders them, they burst into fragments with the water droplets filling the earth with life and joy.

And these fragments join with other fragments and form a new cloud - a new form, a new shape.

Humans go through similar fate. We have to group with some, perform our duty, spend time with them - and then burst out to join a new group of people. Change and moving on is the only rule of the world.

The cloud continues to break into pieces, carry the heavy droplets and pour them all. We all continue to move on with life, explore newer places and avenues. In short, move on.

And one day, the sun appreciates the cloud's job. And the edges of the cloud begin to blush.. in a pristine silver lining...

Every cloud is appreciated some time in its life. It is at this moment of appreciation that the clouds forget the times when they were torn down... It is now that they only gleam in the light of the sun.


  1. tooo good Aadi....

    nice extraction from observation

  2. The analogy is undoubtedly good... :)

    but I would have liked to read your content in a different style....