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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sarkar Raj - Gripping

This was the first Ram Gopal Varma film that I saw in a theater! And I am surely not disappointed...

Sarkar Raj weaves an enthralling story of politics, personal desires and people drawn into it. The story builds up in an amazing manner - the background score only adds to the movie.

Abhishek Bachhan towers above all the characters in the movie - the movie belongs to Shankar. Subhash Nagare who stays low throughout the movie regains his stance towards the end - and rocks.

The way the story approaches its climax and the revelations come into light, one is glued to one's seat through the movie!

Aishwarya is good in the scene where Abhishek gets shot. Dilip Prabhavalkar as Raosahab is very nice too.

Gripping movie - beautifully etched-out characters, the overtly cinematic treatment, loved the movie!!

Special mention of Suyash Shringarpure who plays Somji is necessary for he has given a brilliant performance too.

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  1. hey ,

    nice post dude..though i had more expectations from the movie (since it was the sequeal of Sarkar), but still, the movie did pretty well in the later half. Nice efforts by you !! good going