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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Parts of Speech - Adjectives

Adjectives are bad. Adjectives describe a noun. In my opinion, they pass judgments - often biased, incorrect and incomplete.

Now you'd say that I just passed a judgment by calling adjectives bad. But I have a reason. Adjectives are bad - because along with describing nouns, they separate them. There are 'men' - but they get separated into 'good-looking men' and 'ugly men'. There are 'useful' and 'useless' things, 'intelligent' and 'dumb' students. Adjectives describe a noun - and estrange it from another. Adjectives are like the way students are classified - the ones with an A, a B and a C.

But yes, in a way, adjectives possess power. And that the power can be used or abused.

Adjectives may be bad. But as a matter of fact, they cannot be done away with - for 'bad' is an adjective too!


  1. are the words anytime bad? or the interpretatioins we give to words are wrong?

  2. Adjectives,I think, are quite essential to put forward one's view-point and thus they personify the people who use them.These epithets are not bad by themselves but can bring out the good or bad in the user!