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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kuch paane ke liye kuch dena padta hai

Sorry if I sounded like Rakhi Sawant before the sex-change operation! But I really did not mean what the naughty minds among you are thinking...

But seriously, the world is based on exchange, the give-and-take.

It all starts at a basic level from a shop where you get goods in exchange of money. Sale of goods for money is exchange at a basic and a superficial level.

You need to give time to get a worthwhile relationship.

Your teachers give you the knowledge and it is expected that you pass it on - directly as knowledge or indirectly as its application.

You cannot crib about how selfish the world is unless you yourself are ready to smile at it and be helpful.

And probably, one of the biggest give-and-takes is what all of us do...

You give a day of your life to time and time gives you memories to remember.

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