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Monday, June 16, 2008


Ego - often euphemistically called 'self-respect'. When YOU are angry, you are so damn egoistic. When I get angry, you've hurt my self-respect.

Ego is like a hammer. Where it hits, how you use it, makes all the difference. It could hit your finger, hit a screw and make a mess - or hit a nail and drive it into the wall.

You could hurt yourself - hit your finger. When something happens to you, you could feel bad about it. And develop negativity about oneself. Something like, I displayed a horrible dance performance. Now I am going to be shy to dance all my life.

You could hit a screw - and it causes cracks in the wall. You have ended up hurting someone else. This is superiority complex. We often see people throwing around their weight. More often than not, these people hardly have any weight. It's the insecurity within you that is the origin of all this.

Ego ignites fire. You need to decide what you want to do with it. Burn yourself?... Set the world around you on fire?.. Or light up the spirit of resolving into somebody better and use the light to reach one's goal..


  1. Ego ignites FIRE? well, actually the Fire of spirit should burn the EGO and an egoless will be the one who will reach the Goal, I suppose

  2. Ego is "I conciousness"
    It's a content of "conciousness"
    Let it be.
    I really appreciate your views
    and also ways of expression.

  3. analogies ke devta!

    ego is like hammer!lol!

    but what you write is always with some deep meaning within, which our dumb today, i presume will not understand.

  4. Good one aadi. u r right. ego was once hurt,which gave birth to someone we now know as "the mahatma gandhi". Ego is what every1 wears. if ego is hurt in a tactful way, can create miracles. but it must b done very carefully. else b ready for the consequences.