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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Motion and Action

Motion and action both bring about a change. But the origin and the destiny of both is different.

What causes a particular thing to happen? What is the origin? Was it mere motion - involuntary, implicit or was it action - an explicit, intentional attempt to bring about something?

My hand is moving. It could be because of some neural disorder (motion) or me moving it (action). The implications of both and the destiny both will reach is different. (A neural disorder will land me in a hospital. On the contrary, I could voluntarily move my hand to do a lot of things.)

Motion is uncontrolled, its origin is unknown. Action, on the other hand, is the outcome of somebody's labour.

A rather poetic imagery describes a twig on the surface of the river. This is motion - mutely accepting what's happening. Just going with the flow, living a monotonous life is motion. Having a dream and chasing it, is action.

It is for ourselves that we decide how we want changes in our lives. Through motion or through action....


  1. I understood a little :)

    and in the starting of the month only posted 5 post togather, what is this???

  2. To move,to act..
    Movement can be voluntary,involuntary.
    Voluntary movement=Action(?)
    Involuntary movement=Motion.
    After all,who moves?Who acts?
    Body?mind?or both?

  3. Do we actually decide actions? or we just follow what is in store for us by default? is it reallly motion?