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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Four friends

I see them staring at the sky. The sky that the clouds have painted in millions of shades of red. One of them has a helmet in his hand which he has placed on his waist. The other one is looking at the sky with his hands folded. The third one still on his bike was looking in the other direction. Seeing the cars pass by.

Time had passed in the same way. For four long years, they had been coming to this part of the highway on their bikes. High on adrenaline, a gush of energy in them. They would holler like vagabonds throughout their ride to this part of the highway. Then they would stand along the sidewalks, waiting for the sun to set. And then get back home.

Today, they wanted the evening to stay. It was parting time - they had to go their ways. Find their future. Fulfill their dreams. Fulfill their parents' dreams.

Today they did not scream, only sighed. And today, they drove back at a speed lower than ever.

Courtesy: Mohit Durve. The picture is taken from his orkut album. With his consent.

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  1. that was really nice....i am your fan now!!!!