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Friday, June 20, 2008

Fasting forward

Credit: To an online friend who urged me to write a funny post. Enough of death, balloons and motion, the friend said.

Disclaimer: Not to be taken seriously. On a light note, strictly.

Fasts - a very Indian concept! Fasts are of varying magnitudes and forms. Fasting for a few hours before a pooja, fasting on particular days of the week or fasting every day for a longer period of time. During fasts like these, some people eat only selective food items, some stick to water while very few stay away from that as well!

And most of them sneak into the kitchen to grab a small piece of chocolate. One chocolate does no harm.

Fasts are for one's good health, good marks, good money or for a good husband. And in some cases, to ensure that the good husband stays good. And when nothing else, fasts are for a good figure! (They help you get in shape you see!!)

Fasts are short-cuts to success. They are like those 'jhatpat paisa' schemes which claim to earn a lot of money for you in less time. Fasts are like lottery tickets - you know you may not win a lottery always, but you just cannot stop yourself from trying.

Fasts, at the end of the day, are yet another path that humans take as a part of their lust for happiness.

On a lighter note, they are humble and at times, desperate attempts to fast-forward one's success!!

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