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Sunday, March 02, 2008


Aadinath Shastri, a man in his mid-twenties is about to marry his ladylove, Sulekha Raut. They have got engaged recently and are about to marry soon. Aadinath's ten year-old mute nephew Prathamesh sees Sulekha and goes mad at her. People do not know why...

But just then, Aadinath happens to visit a village in Konkan where he sees a girl who looks strikingly known to him. The tranquil face, the eyes that speak and the serenity - he is drawn towards her. And it's not just that. He marries her instantly and gets her home...

Sulekha goes furious and the family stricken with shock. The grandfather Dinanath Shastri is, however, overjoyed to see this new girl. He looks at her and points to the picture on the wall of his house. The picture of his sister-in-law, Parvati. Parvati and this new girl Shubhra share the same face.

Prathamesh is very happy to see Shubhra, Shubhra has a continous aching arm - and recurrent visions... Prathamesh and Shubhra sleep in the same pose. Dinanath Shastri finds a chit in his house at Vasai with a Sanskrit shlok written. Aadinath's cousin Nikhil dies. Sulekha's mom is sent to the asylum. And Aadi's sister, Priya believes .... Sulekha is behind all this.

What is Sulekha's motive?

Why would she do this?

Here begins a story of sorts. Almost surreal. The family is soon going to find out that the characters of the past have sprung to life again. That there lies a close-guarded secret waiting to be known. That there is an incomplete game about to be completed. That Shubhra shares something more than the face with Parvati. That what awaits them all is the truth. The truth that spans multiple generations, multiple people. Multiple secrets...

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  1. good one... i just started watchin the show and so was confused abt the characters... good that i read ur blog..