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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Time flying by

Dedicated to Paw-Paw, a college friend and his blues.

Twenty six working days left for a chapter to end. The chapter that was called engineering. What awaits us on the other side of the line is what most of us cannot predict. And one cannot help but look back.

I remember the first day to college; the fear of Mechanics. The early assignments I had written - the last time they were neat and clean and way before time. I remember the first oral exams where I was scared to no ends.

I remember the rumours of the results, the zeal of the college festival, the fun on the rose day, the hustle-bustle during placements.

I remember these moments. And what strikes me is the fact that time is running out. Twenty six days, six hundred twenty four hours later, it's all going to be over. There is going to be no getting up early for a 9 o' clock lecture and ending up getting late.

There would be no passing chits during lectures. No sitting on the floor and reading a book before the exams. There would no Janardan pulling my leg.

And I would remember my college...

I can see time running out and I can see images. I can hear the slogans during the college festival. I can read the t-shirts bashing every other branch in the college. I can feel myself making way through the crowded canteen during the break.

I can see Vijesh flirting with some chick - any chick for that matter. I can see Mihir sleepy in a lecture and asking for extra time during the practicals.

I can see time flying by, as the countdown continues. Faster than ever.

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  1. Quite close n cool add ons of friends.... Well yaar you have Gr8 God's gift.... Keep up the good work n God will surely bless you with somethin never thought of, something out of imagination(well not urs for that matter), something very special..... Thank U my friend.. :)