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Friday, March 14, 2008

Ward no. 2106 - SERIES 12

Disclaimer - The story is a work of fiction. The names of characters and places are imaginary. So are the incidents described.

Krishna was dumbfound by what he saw. He had surely not expected these complete strangers to do this. He stood there looking at what was happening - it was happening for him.

"Welcome Krishna....", he heard. He saw Kanika smiling. She shook hands with him.

That evening, Krishna and Umesh got the best evening of their lives. James had brought a cake for both of them.

These five people were soon going to part ways. Umesh would be transferred to another ward. Kanika was soon going to be discharged.

But that evening was when these people touched each others' lives for a lifetime.

Kanika had seen how Parvati Aaji cared for these two people who were not related. Kanika knew that she had to adjust - for the people who had given birth to her. She met her parents in Kolkata. Three months later, Kanika married James. They are living happily now.

Umesh never told the secret to Parvati Aaji. In fact, he could never bring himself to tell her that Dr. Damle was keeping Parvati Aaji away from home. Parvati Aaji kept talking about her son - in the make-believe world which Dr. Damle had made for her. Parvati Aaji was fit and fine, but Dr. Damle's wife was not comfortable with her.

Parvati Aaji was an angel to all of them - she had kept these people bound to each other. Till her last breath, she kept praising her son - she was proud of him. The day she died in the hospital, Dr. Umesh attended the funeral.

Dr. Damle could not look at Dr. Umesh in the eye that day.

Krishna recovered. His family was traced. And like many amnesic patients, he forgot almost everything about Parvati Aaji, James, Umesh and Kanika. But he somehow remembered that one evening. With these four angels of his life. He had intermittent but sharp images of the evening.

But he had forgotten everything else. All about ward no. 2106.

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