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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Naive and numb

There are two categories of people in the world - the naive and the numb. And you cannot belong to both at the same time.

Naive are those who get elated every time the receptionist flashes a plastic smile at them. Numb are those who smile back and hurry to their cabins.

Naive are the ones who look around in a zoo for chimpanzees and orangutans. Numb are the ones who don't visit zoos at all.

Naive are the kids that keep staring at the window they just broke with a thoroughly scared expression on their faces. Numb are the ones who walk off coolly whistling away.

Naive are the people who see the world pink and red when they fall in love - so what if it is the fourth time. Numb are the ones who buy gifts for themselves on the Valentine's irrespective of whether they are single or not.

There are naive people. There are numb people. There's, however, something strikingly common between the two.

Naive or numb - you cannot choose to be either. Someone else decides it for you. Someone, something that we call destiny.


  1. dont U think its fate than destiny which decides upon this...... think wisely, think again!! .... sorry for acting critic... :D

  2. ahh another destiny beleiver in the bandwagon.........its pity that we are forced to beleive the hype and lead a monotonous life!