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Monday, March 03, 2008

Ward no. 2106 - SERIES 11

Disclaimer - The story is a work of fiction. The names of characters and places are imaginary. So are the incidents described.

The story till now: The amnesic guy was sad and lonely. Meanwhile, Kanika and James fought up over the issue of James calling her dad and telling him about her accident. Parvati Aaji names the amnesic guy Krishna.

Krishna woke up the next morning. He had a session with the doctor - a specialist who had come down all the way from Pune. Krishna was currently being funded by a NGO owned by some industrialist from London. Krishna walked out of the ward, a wardboy escorted him.

As he was moving out, Krishna was looking around. There were janitors that were mopping the floor. There were wardboys carrying samples from the test center to the pathological laboratory. The nurses, in their clean white attire, moved about carrying documents. Krishna looked at a door - it was the intensive care unit where, he remembered, he was admitted before being brought to the ward.

Krishna sat patiently outside the room. A nurse came and told him, "Doctor Khurana is calling you..."

Krishna entered the room. Dr. Khurana was a man in his late fifties and had a physique that would put a youngster to shame.

"Come in, young man...", Dr. Khurana said.

In fact, Dr. Khurana was younger and more jovial than Krishna currently. Krishna gave a feeble smile.

"So, how are you doing..."
"I am fine, doctor..."

Thirty minutes later, Krishna shook hands with Dr. Khurana and left the room. On his way back to the ward, he thought he would take a stroll about the hospital. The wardboy with him, however, stopped him from doing so. Krishna still managed to excuse himself.

Krishna walked down an empty corridor - perhaps he was trying to find the solution of the emptiness in his life itself. He walked past a room when he heard two people talking.

Dr. Damle was speaking a stern voice, "Doctor, you know you are acting too smart these days. What I do with my mother is none of your business. You are an employee here and you better stick to that!"

"Sir.. but..", the man muttered.

Dr. Damle said, "I transferred you to ward no. 3104 and you still act smart and say that you'll tell it all to my mother. What do you think of yourself?"

"I .. I didn't mean.. I am sorry sir."

Krishna watched from behind the door. The other voice sounded familiar.

A couple of minutes later, Krishna saw Dr. Umesh getting out of the room...

The next thing Krishna could visualize was Parvati Aaji's face - the angel who had given him a reason to smile last night. He wondered what it was. He could sense that something was wrong.

He entered the ward and couldn't believe his eyes...

He saw Parvati Aaji. She was dressed in a beautiful maroon sari. She was wearing a rose in her hair today. James was busy arranging something in the corner. Kanika was looking around....

The entire ward was decorated with balloons. Krishna read the glittering letters on the wall, "We'll miss you Umesh... Welcome Krishna!"

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