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Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Elephant and the blind men

We all know the story of the elephant and the blind men. They wanted to know what an elephant was like. Each of them touched the elephant and depending on the part they touched, they described it.

The one who touched the leg said it was like a tree trunk. The one who touched the tail said an elephant was in fact like a broom.

Each one of them 'saw' the elephant through their own experience with it.

We do that with things and people. We interprete and tag them in the way they appear to us. For long, humans believed the earth was flat. It was only when they went on the other side that they got to know the fact. Or is it even the fact? Does the earth look different from outer space?

Facts are relative. Facts are essentially incomplete. Facts are not facts at all. They are mere interpretations.


  1. great blogs...
    how do you think man.. i truely respect your thoughts.. keep writing... :)

  2. I think its universal thought accepted by most becomes a fact.... ;)... nice one yaar...