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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finally Jodhaa-Akbar

For someone who has loved Mughal-e-azam and has ended up writing atleast two blogposts on the film, Jodhaa-Akbar is a movie he would not want to miss.

But things kept piling up and the movie was pending. Happened to squeeze in some time today, and I am glad I did.

Jodhaa-Akbar is grandiose brought to life. The palaces, the battlefields, the facades of buildings - it is enthralling. However, the backdrop does not overshadow the story being narrated.

This is a story I did not know at all. But it is a story amazingly narrated. The undertones of politics, religious differences only add to the detailing - and these scenes intrigue you layer by layer. The film grows on you.

Somehow, I felt, the climax was a letdown. But again, the climax of Mughal-e-azam was no different either. A film that has patriotism, secularism, bravery and love ends on a rather insipid note.

The entire journey of the film, though, is amazing.

Hrithik Roshan delivers yet another amazing performance. He is the charming prince with Jodhaa, the peace-loving warrior in the Panipat scene, the strong-willed lawman in the scene where he gets his brother thrown down the cliff and a brave person towards the end, the son trapped between his daai and his maa.

Way better than Lagaan (which, I somehow felt was an ordinary film packaged in a unique manner) and Swades (which was good!). Jodhaa - Akbar is worth the 3hrs and 40minutes!!

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