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Monday, March 17, 2008

A chatterbox's nightmare

I am a CHATterbox. I am extremely shy but on chat, I am a different person altogether. I can handle at least four chat windows at the same time, without messing up. (Read as: without leaking the gossips about either parties. I keep them separate.)

I have had the honour of using multiple messengers - yahoo rocks anytime! For its sheer simplicity. I always thought msn was problematic - you couldn't send offline messages!! I have lost count of the number of offline messages I have sent that affected my life. (On occasions like consoling aggrieved friends, abusing people and the likes.) And the really lame ones like indiatimes, which only four people use in the world. * Under testing conditions.

So what is the nightmare for a chatterbox like me?! Waking up one day, opening my eyes to an afternoon (which is quite frequent.), switching on the computer - and not being able to log into my yahoo messenger.

That's when you feel cut off from the world. And you so want to chat with that friend of yours who was going to tell you how his girlfriend has been two-timing with his brother. Or something more trivial than that.

Nightmarish are the chat sessions when my messages don't reach the other end due to internet problems. Scary are the evenings when the internet is down. And I am terrified thinking of a day years back- when there were no chat messengers!

What have my chats with my friends given me? Is it the regular "Hey.. wazzup, long time.. " that goes on? No.

There are people who I knew in person - but who I got to know better only on chat. I look at chat as a medium of giving vent to what I want to say. Frankly because I am shy otherwise.

The chat messengers have got for me some messengers of God who call themselves my friends. And in ways more than one, these friends have touched my life.

So, the ultimate nightmare for a chatterbox like me, is to get cut off from this medium of staying connected with my friends. I would feel trapped in a box. Oh, not that bad actually.

Dedicated to you and me. The you who chats with the me.

1 comment:

  1. the chat turns into connections and attachments- long lasting ones also :)