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Sunday, March 09, 2008


What is purity? It is the existence of the singular.

Purity is God. Purity is peace. Purity is the strength of a mother. Purity is Krishna in the eyes of Meerabai. Purity is the sun uniting with the sea. Purity is the shadow of the trees. Purity is the showers of the rains. And it is the earth that ignites with passion when these first drops of rain fall on her

Purity is patriotism, love, ambitions. Purity is hatred too. Purity is the pure black of the night. Purity is the fear of death.

Purity is universal. It stands between you and me. In fact, purity lies within you and me.


  1. purity is difficult for this selfish world to understand...

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  3. Purity is your thought..... :)