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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Political Directors

We all have seen huge hoardings of political parties - allegedly, most of them are illegal. (Point- the political party, after winning the election, is going to be law itself. So, perhaps, the policemen don't bother.)

There is something strikingly similar in all these hoardings. The photograph of the leader. And more often than not, the leader is pointing towards a direction. The leader will not lead you, the leader will direct you - ask you to do something, go somewhere, while he stands where he is.

I remember Gandhiji's photograph during the Dandi march. Gandhiji walking in the forefront...

There's another facet to why I call political leaders as 'directors'. Because a lot of antics are orchestrated; they are behind the scenes for a lot of political, social and religious happenings of the country!!

Just that these directors don't say 'Lights, Camera, Action.' - they merely say 'Action.'

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