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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Strength of a Woman - SERIES 01

Disclaimer: The story here is NOT a piece of fiction. It is as real as the sun and the stars.

She was born in a village near Mumbai. She was a Koli. Married at the age of seven, she was a dutiful wife and a daughter-in-law in a well-off household.

Soon, she mothered two daughters. The two were sent to school.

And one day, she realized that her husband was having an affair with another woman.

For a lady in a village with no education, this could've meant the end of her life. Either the end of her life or the beginning of a mute battle with one's self-respect.

But she did neither. She left his house. Took her daughters along. Came back to her parents. Started working in Dombivali as a domestic help.

Worked as a domestic help in her brothers' house too - for salary. Saved money. Would baby-sit children at their place.

Twenty-four years later now, she owns a house in her parents' village. Her daughters have graduated and are married now. She has also bought a room in a dharamshala in Pandharpur - where she wishes to spend her last days.

She is a Vitthal devotee and goes by foot to Pandharpur every year during the festival there. She believes strongly that it was her God who gave her the strength to face the odds of her life.

Her grandson is the apple of her eye. These days, her salary is spent on food for herself and gifts for her grandson.

She emerged in her small way as a winner..

For the last 24 years, she has known my family - a duration more than my age. My family was among the first where she started working as domestic help. And where she still does.

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  1. I appreciate it..... God's really Gr8.... n that woman is Gr8er rather.... :-)