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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day and night

The sky is light blue. The green trees have turned dark. The orange disc of the sun is close to the horizon. It's turned frail. It's lost all its light.
The mountains watch as the sun sinks. The birds come back after a day with the sun.
The sun sets.
And leaves behind pitch-black darkness.
The stars shine in the black sky like thousand little eyes looking back at you. While the sky is still dark due to the loss of the sun, the sky forgets that the sun is a star too.
Why does the sky, then, mourn the missing sun, a star - when there are thousands of them already present?
Why do we mourn the sorrows of our lives - when there are so many reasons to be happy?
Why do we miss that one person - and forget the presence of many many others who are there with and for us...


  1. your thought process is like a cut-diamond, its getting SHARP - more SHARP day by day..
    nice article :)

  2. hmm.. very nicely put up
    have you found any answers to these questions?