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Friday, March 14, 2008

Strength of a woman - SERIES 00

She is a mother. A housewife. A working professional. A good cook.

A vegetable vendor. A door-to-door salesperson. A beggar. An escort.

She wakes up in the morning, gets her children ready, prepares breakfast for her husband. And rushes to office for a day full of work.

She walks to the railway station with the sex-depraved jerks glaring at her. She buys a bouquet of roses for her ailing mom-in-law.

She carries a pail of water on her head for kilometers together. She huffs and puffs into the cooking stove while he spits out the food saying its too insipid for him.

But she cares. She protects. She gives birth. She rules.

She is the man in the very incorrect phrase "Be a man!".

This series is to explore the different forms of womanhood... as I see them. and as I go awe-struck.

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  1. Simply gr8.... :-)... Woman , the undisputed .....