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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some startling facts

Just random quirky things that I came across recently...

  • Saw a deodorant on the racks of a supermarket. 'Amitabh Bachhan. Pour femme'. Looked for the 'Pour homme' one - nowhere to be seen.
  • Out of the blue, my uncle asks me the Hindi word for 'dawn'. While I kept scratching my head, I wondered why-oh-why was I being asked that question! At the end, he tells me it's called 'bhor'. And I awaken to enlightenment.
  • At a Reliance Fresh supermarket, I saw a papad packet - the packet half open and half a papad missing. I called the attendant - and we both had a hearty laugh.
  • A Janardan Joke: "The man lost his job. That was because the company relocated and they did not tell him where."
  • All of a sudden, the lights in my room go off and on. While I wonder if it's a ghost, I realize that the inverter's acting cranky.
  • I sneaked into my gym attendance record and added an extra day. :P Some adventure!!! Wanted to get my regime changed - that happens when we complete 42 days...
  • And I generally have a lot of time to rabble what I just did...


  1. well u really did rabble ur thoughts rather than time.....hahaha:P

  2. really loved the 2nd and 4th one lolz aadi rawking :P