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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The breeze on my face

I am standing in the train - on the foot board. My left hand holds the handles of the doorway. I adjust the earphones with my right hand.

I can feel the breeze filling my hair. It is drizzling and I feel cold droplets on my face. I am listening to my favourite song from the Vivek Oberoi film, Saathiya.

Grey clouds have filled the sky. The patch my train is going through has now become green. It's so pleasant.

I am thinking. I love it like this. Makes me feel like the king of the world. It just sets me free.

I get a phone call. I am adjusting the earphone with the right hand. I take the phone out of my pocket to see who is calling.

I loose balance - I have let go of my left hand. I see myself moving backwards, coming out of the train. I hear a thud.

I can now see the train passing by. I feel an excruciating pain in my head. I see the grey clouds, the green patches of land. I see that the train is not there any more. My head moves to the right. I am here the tracks.

I try moving my head sideways. I try moving my legs. I can feel nothing happening. I feel only the pain.

The pain increases. It gets dark.

I can feel breeze on my face now. Just that it is extremely chilled now. I feel droplets on my face. It's not just the raindrops. They are red.

P.S. : Life is too precious to be lost like this. Please do not risk it.

1 comment:

  1. Kya style he Aadi

    Western Railways and Central Railways
    Dono ke kaam ki ADVERTISEMENT hai.

    they will get some new Way of making ppl aware.