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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank you Orkut

Orkut has been branded as the 'next bad thing that happened to the youth of today' by most newspapers, especially Marathi newspapers.

I find serious flaws in that. A knife can cut an apple, a knife can cut a throat. It's not the virtue of a knife. It's the intention of the person holding it.

Orkut, to me, brought back friends from school - who had moved out and were out of touch. When you see the person's profile, read about him/her, go through the album, you only feel nostalgic.

Orkut set the background for our school reunion. It was at an orkut community that people thought of the reunion.

Orkut brings together people with similar tastes. Whether this shared interest is Cricket, Asambhav or sex, makes all the difference.

For the positive change Orkut has brought to me, I am grateful.

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