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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Round round.. stop

The earth goes round and round. What if it stops one fine day? The effects in a nutshell:

Scientists would panic - it could mean severe gravitational issues.

Weather experts would panic - it would mean day in one part of the earth and night in another.

Ecologists would cite it as a severe threat to ecological balance.

Aah, we aren't going to get boring!

  • If India falls in the 'night' half, I would sleep - wuhoo! on and on and on!

  • India TV would have a three day supply of sensational stories - what ecologists from Jhumritalaiya have to say, how priests from Kakori are conducting yagnas to set "Dharti maa'' back into motion!

  • Hindi movie songs would be "Main tumhe raat-raat (in place of 'din-raat') chaahta hoon".

  • If India falls in the 'night' half, diesel generator companies would flourish. If India falls in the 'day' half, solar generator companies would flourish.

  • People would visit America. Not to see the Statue of Liberty. But to see how a 'day' looks like.
Can you think of more?

1 comment:

  1. lol....!!

    Aadi....ur scraps r just getting better like ur imagination....!!! :):)