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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

End of journals and assignments - PART 02

It is a nice feeling that approximately thirteen weeks from now, engineering would end. It would be the end of journals and assignments.

I remember our EDC teacher dictating the assignment questions in the class - after every question, the entire class would go "nooooo'' for they did not want any more questions. And the teacher was really considerate in that respect. Her assignments were always apt and reasonably small. But even then, there were students who would submit their assignments on the last day. No, not the last day of the duration assigned for completion, but the last day of the semester.

It is amusing the way many of my classmates and friends behaved. They would be the kings of their world throughout the semester, laugh it out when a teacher said the deadline of an assignment was due and three days before the end of the semester, would complete the entire journal.

And there were classmates who loved taking printouts more than flirting with girls! They would butter, batter and get bitter with the person taking printouts and get one for themselves. Somehow, they would get hold of a last year's journal and complete all the ten experiments within two days - seven weeks before the semester end.

The point is, everyone in my class looked at 'assignments and journals' from a different perspective. Some of them thought it was a burden, some said they would easily manage - while some completed it diligently. Whatever the case be, all of us have completed almost forty journals excluding the final semester journals!!

I have seen people fighting for printer, stationery and assignments. Some girls behave like television vamps to get hold of the original copy of the assignments. And it's rather fun!

The bottomline is, engineering teaches its disciples the power of endurance. You learn to endure and take pressure - pressure of deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines. And this is a skill very important in itself!

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  1. Thinking abt engineering student life that we experienced we can write one book on it!!!!!!!!

    well you can take that opportunity after 8 sem completion

    best of luck!!!!!!!