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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wireless Electricity

A wi-fi network allows multiple computers to connect wirelessly with each other.

It can be configured to access internet as well.

A new breakthrough says that very soon, (hold your breath) ELECTRICITY will go wireless too. This new form has been named after the words 'Wireless Electricity' as WiTricity.

Here, You would have an adapter in each room. And all you need to do is switch on your device. This would be certainly something our generation will be proud of giving the world!!

Imagine entering a room with a toaster in your hand. With no power cord. Instead a power receiver. You just switch the toaster and it begins to work! A bulb need not be connected to a wire, it just needs to be fitted properly!

A mobile phone would automatically get charged when you enter a room! You can pick up your television and move to another room whenever you want!

.... a lot of electricians will have to now specialize in 'wireless fittings'. This will call for a situation similar to the one caused by the advent of computers - a lot of people going jobless.

I am waiting for you, oh WiTricity!!

P.S.: This is not a sci-fi story. This new form of electricity is called Witricity and is under research. To read more, visit: http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2007/wireless-0607.html

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