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Monday, January 21, 2008

End of journals and assignments - PART 01

Statutory warning: What I am about to write, may bore you to death. It is a sheer case of blowing things out of proportion. But when there's lot of air in your lungs, you don't mind doing that! This blogpost is a sheer case of too-much-time-on-hand-and-not-much-to-do.

The last engineering semester commenced today. Four last subjects, four last journals, eight last assignments (assuming two assignments per subject) - and end of engineering at last! But yes lastly, it is these memories that are going last us a lifetime!

A famous maxim says 'the grass is green on the other side'. If people from both the sides are saying it, it should mean that 'the grass is not green at all.' And we always miss the things we don't possess. We hate the heat during the summer and curse the cold when the winter sets in.

And now that I am in the last semester, I see the semesters that have gone by. I see what they have given me. And I see that there's lot of it!

I remember the first day - how I was horrified to see the shady workshop building. And how I was scared as I looked around. I would peep inside the workshop halls with the expression of about-to-be-slaughtered goat!

And something that occupied my thoughts was undoubtedly Mechanics. It looked worse than Anil Kapoor without his shirt! Luckily - yes, luckily, I managed to scrape through.

What if I would have got a KT then? Things would have been very different, I think. Mechanics is the vital weapon engineering uses to cut down the overconfidence students have developed. But sadly, it often pushes people into under-confidence - and makes things very difficult for them. That's exactly why I compare Mechanics to Death. That's because a poem by J. Shirley is titled 'Death - the leveller'!

Mechanics levels - the overconfident, the snobs and the average second-benchers!

Aah.. I need a break now. Mechanics is a difficult subject. And talking about Mechanics is an extremely difficult thing to do!

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