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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Theories of the World

There are so many theories floating around us. One of them says aliens created humans - and the entity God is actually an extra-terrestrial. Another says the world is going to come to an end on the thirtieth day of January.

The now-fact 'The earth is round' was a theory once. The fact at that time was that the earth is flat.

The theories become facts as time passes and new theories come in. The fact is, 'facts' aren't facts after all. They are just beliefs of humans.

The humans that love to believe they are intelligent. That's another belief on their part.

It's these beliefs that keep changing. And that makes the humans believe that they are growing intelligent.

What is the ultimate fact then? Or is there any fact at all?


  1. hmmm interesting despite all these theories the light still falls on the same
    query "Are humans rational , is there existence of god?".....mebbe we could pursue a research in AI what say? ;)

  2. God is in us, we are the ones who decide the direction for our lives....
    which comes as bundled in big package of wishes...
    we are just for the namesake..
    the predecided path will anyhow take us to the journey of eternity................
    jumbling words but still......