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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Modak - A maharashtrian dish

Made from rice flour, Modaks (Some dictionary translate them as "sweet rice-flour dumplings" - I hate this translation!! The word Modak has its own charm!) are generally eaten with ghee. And there is a unique way of eating them. You open the tip slightly, pour ghee inside. And take a bite. Yummy!

The modaks have resemblance with momos - but they are sweeter and definitely tastier. Modaks are considered the favourite of Lord Ganesh, the Hindu deity of knowledge and happiness.

During Ganesh Chaturthi the festival, we would have a competition in our house - as to who would eat more modaks. As a child, I would be down on two while my mamas went on upto twelve-thirteen. I still remember my grandmother serving us modaks and pushing us to eat one more!!

Making modaks is an art in itself - and one of the essential arts a Maharashtrian to-be bride is supposed to possess!

I raise a toast... naah, a modak to this favourite dish of mine!!

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