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Monday, January 28, 2008

Ward no. 2106 - SERIES 02

Disclaimer - The story is a work of fiction. The names of characters and places are imaginary. So are the incidents described.

The story till now: Parvati Aaji is busy going through a photo album when Dr. Umesh enters the ward.

"What happened to you Aaji...", Dr. Umesh asked, playing with his stethoscope.

"Nothing... I was just going through this album...", she said as she walked back to her bed. She opened the drawer of the small cabinet besides her bed and kept the album inside.

"It gets boring at times Umesh... ", Parvati aaji (Aaji is the Marathi word for grandmother) said as she sat on her bed.

"Hmm, I understand. But you need to get well before you can go home, right.."

"Yes, but it's been four months now. I was in the private ward back then. All alone in an A/C room. Tell you what Umesh, I don't need an A/C or a TV. I need people to talk to. That's why I told my son and got myself shifted to this room. Atleast there are some patients around here. There is some interaction..."

"Yes, Dr. Damle had told me...", Dr. Umesh said, "Anyways, let me do the daily checkup."

Dr. Umesh checked her pulse rate and the trivial details. He would do it everyday and always wondered. Why was she here? To him, she was hale and hearty. He thought, perhaps, Dr. Damle had diagnosed something.

He then got up and moved to the adjacent bed. A twenty year old Rahul was reading a magazine on Neural Networks. Dr. Umesh tapped his fractured leg gently and said, "How are you, Rahul?"

Rahul looked at him. And smiled. This was what Dr. Umesh could do very well - bring a smile to a person's face. "I'm fine doctor. I'll be given a discharge tommorrow. So finally, happy!"

Dr. Umesh said, "Oh, that's so good!"

Just then a nurse entered the ward and told Dr. Umesh, "Doctor, Dr. Damle is coming here."

Dr. Umesh said, "Oh, I see..". He looked back at Parvati Aaji and said, "Aaji.. Dr. Damle is coming here to meet you."

Parvati Aaji's face glowed now. She stretched out her legs and rested against the pillow.

Dr. Damle entered the ward. He was a tall man with green eyes and a well-trimmed goatee. He was wearing glasses that rested against the lower half of his nose. He had this stern look on his face always. When Dr. Damle would walk down the stairs of the hospital, people would go silent. That was the kind of aura he had.

Dr. Damle entered the ward. He said something to Dr. Umesh who left the ward immediately.

Dr. Damle came and sat besides Parvati Aaji. And said, "How are you now, mom?"

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  1. The series is definitely interesting.. will watch out for further versions :)