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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Some Telephone Calls

1st January, 2008

Bhaumik: "Hello.."
Aaditya: (in a filmily childishly gujju tone) "HAYLO.. Bhaumik.. Happy budday!!"
Bhaumik: (he knows me.. he takes off in the same tone) "HAYLO uhdityaa.. Thank you!!"
Aaditya: (I can't get enough of it..) "HAYLO Bhaumik.. Happy new year!!"
Bhaumik (told you, he knows me for four years now. he continues..) : "HAYLO uhdityaa.. same to you!!"
Aaditya : "HAYLO Bhaumik.. bye bye!"
Bhaumik : "HAYLO uhdityaa... bye bye..."

1st January, 2008

Savio: "Hi .. Uhdityaa.."
Aaditya: "Yes ..?"
Savio: "Savio here.. remember?"
Aaditya: "Oh hi Savio.. tell me"
Savio: " I am in Mulund today - you wanna meet up?"
Aaditya: "I have an exam day after tommorrow.."
Savio: "Exam??? New year??? "

Either the phone gets disconnected or this guy hangs up of shock!!

1st January, 2008

Aaditya: "Hello Priyanka.."
Priyanka: "Boloo... how are youuuuu"
Aaditya: " I m good... happy new yr to you..."
Priyanka: "Aaaaaah.. thaannnnkkkssssss.. shraddha s with me here.. she s wishing you too..."
Aaditya: "Oh .. say hi to her.. btw.. i wanted your IS notes."
Priyanka: "Oh.. ok.. I'll get them for you on the 3rd."
Aaditya: "And don't forget your birthday treat..."
Priyanka: "You havent forgotten you.. "
Aaditya: "You havent given the treat either! haha"
Priyanka: "Ya baba sure... bbye"
Aaditya: "Byeee!"

1st January, 2008

Akshay: "Aadi, I m screwed"
Akshay: " Aadi.. i m scared"
Aaditya: "Akshay.. the paper doesn't eat you up.."
Akshay: "kitnaa baaki hai... "
Aadi: "Wat did you do for the 31st?"
Akshay: "I did frame format for Frame relay. and you? " [THE JOKE OF THE DAY.. quite funny of him!"
Aadi: "Relaxxx akshay.. isnt this seventh engg exam you are giving..."
Akshay: "Aadi.. i m screwed"

(and the cycle continues)

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